New Label ~

So excited!
Finally found the right size label for my new branding stamp.

Can’t wait to put these labels on my creation boxes….

Bon Appetit


Tokyu Hands is finally in Singapore!

Yup, it’s finally in Singapore! Saw the posters and big green stickers on the pillars along the Westgate and outside from Jurong East MRT. Talk about maximized exposure!

Well, it’s at the same level and diagonally opposite from Tim Ho Wan, #01-36/37.

Check out their website:

I didn’t get to visit their stores whilst in Japan and now finally able to see what it’s all about in Singapore. Of course, the range is not as much as what is offered in Japan but I am still pleased to see quite a number of stuff I can get there.

Recently, slim pound cake mould is popular in Japan and guess what? I found something slim and rectangular as well from KAI bakeware in Tokyu Hands. Cost is Sgd 26.00 , I think. Left only two so I bought one home. They also have square 18cm, 15cm bake moulds and all are with removable base, non-stick surface.

Do check their store out and you may find a lot of unique buys.

Hm…. I remember seeing a pizza pan which you can use it over the stove. Going back to check it out and probably take more photos…

I finally bought it!

I know that I keep procrastinating between kenwood and kitchenaid. I finally bought It!

Was at CKTangs due to its pre-christmas sale. When I had decided to go for KA150 Kitchenaid in baby blue color, the sales girl told me kenwood is also on sale at $999, do I want to see it? Tempted to see what it’s offering, said ok and was led to the kenwood area.

Yup, was sold instantly. Why? Because it has a timer and additional Flexi scrap beater.

So, I finally got my very first professional mixer – kenwood KM030!


New Toy! Final decision due to space constraint….

My new toy! After the episode of burnt motor of my 12 yrs hand held mixer, I searched for my next mixer and was contemplating between Kitchen Aid or Kenwood Chef Major… Both are about the same price of S$799 from Tangs.

Alas, due to space constraints, I have to temporary abort this purchase idea as I don’t have a place to store the beautiful toy should I decide to purchase it now.

I went ahead to look for small stand mixer just like my hand held but with a stand ( this time I am smarter else I end up holding the machine while pouring eggs one by one – you really need good coordination ).

Couple brands are available in the market and after reading good reviews online, decide to buy Kenwood HM400. Even though it is only 180W , it has 5 speeds and rotating bowl so hopefully it’s not too bad. Bought at Best Denki @ S$79 so the damage is relatively low ( note: only Best Denki IMM sells since its not available on Harvey Norman Bukit Batok and Giant nor Tangs )

Anyway, going to try something this weekend… Will post soon. Just got to find a desired recipe >.<