Salad Days ~ Grand finale! 

Salad Days ~ 2016-03-17 Today’s lunch marks then end of our 3 weeks Salad Days…. 😭 Grand finale ! Vietnamese spring roll with homemade dipping sauce. Thank you Cindy for a wonderful lunch! #conallegro #saladday 


look at the spread!
The filling inside…
my spring rolls!

the sauce…. Sooooo good!  

oops! nearly forgot the dipping sauce

Recipe from :

I improvise a little. 

Juice of 1 lemon & 1 lime

4 tsp Brown sugar 

Splash of fish sauce 

Splash of water

Finely chopped 1 chilli ( not bird’s eye and remove seeds)

Chopped some garlic
Mix until sugar is dissolved. Store in refrigerator till ready to eat. 


Salad Days … Just started

It all started when I had a bowl that costs S$6 and you can fill as much as possible from the salad bar in our canteen. The problem is the salad bar only have 4 items & 2 dressing ~ mix lettuce leaves, canned kidney beans, canned chick peas & hard boil eggs. You have a choice of thousand island dressing or “sour dressing” : no idea on the latter till date but I suspect it’s Italian dressing.

Anyway, my colleagues were discussing that for 6 bucks it’s really not worth it.


the 6 bucks limited edition salad
We decided, let make salad! Was so excited about it that I overbought. The thing is, the initial start of purchasing the startup ingredients probably will cost you more than 6 bucks BUT the fulfillment and variety is endless. Or so I thought and still think. 


salad dressing ~ low calorie sesame
Day 1 ~ variety of salad
love this combo
Day 1 ~ I  started it last Wednesday. Was looking at NTUC for a decent dressing and you would know they try to get you pay for a 10 bucks a bottle of dressing by displaying them attractively in the frozen section. Not dishearten, I told myself, surely this is not only selection we have in such a huge supermarket? 

I went to the Japanese selection and voila! Found this sesame dressing at only S$4.99! Furthermore, it’s a 13 low kcalorie dressing! SOLD! 

Super love the cucumber cold dish my colleague made and I am soooo going to learn and make it! Will post when I find out what is the jar of super yummies and cucumbers.

Wed salad cost approx $30 & feed 4 pax. So it’s about 10bucks per pax. 

Thursday salad:


thur super yummies
My colleague made her super yummy potato salad which I am also going to learn as well. She is the one who made the cucumber cold dish.

Accompanied with cucumber, carrot, yellow bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, ham, lettuce, corn nibs with fruit salad ( peaches, green apples, yo

Friday Salad: 

tuna mayo “extended” & mango chutney
my open face sandwich
This sandwich consist of:

  1. 2 cans tuna in brine, drained water
  2. 2 chopped red onions
  3. 2 stalks celery finely chopped
  4. Good dollops of Japanese mayo
  5. Lots of fresh grounded black pepper

Mix all up for the tuna mayo

Accompanied with mango chutney ( colleague’s mom made it) , lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes,  fruits salad ( kiwi, orange, green apple, grapes) with plain marigold yogurt