It’s Saturday ~ hot day, Starbucks time! 


yummy iced tea. it’s hot day!
Very hot day! Nothing but Starbucks iced tea can quench my thirst 😜 

While waiting for bus ( I missed one and have to wait for 15 mins! )

Thank God for ice-cold drink I’ve got!

Better say here: Disclaimer!

I pay my own drinks… No freebies was taken to write this. BUT my opinions.

Saw some news that bloggers may be charged for tax for freebies they received. 

Well, I don’t receive anything at all and voice out based on my own preference. 

Honesty, Starbucks is getting better in their drinks and drink-ware. However it’s getting expensive as well…. 😱 #conallegro #Starbucks


new blend of coffee beans
Latest blend from Starbucks. Going to brew this batch of beans next week! Just had a cuppa of this brew and it’s not too bad.

Medium roast – It says in packaging that it has a balance of floral, herbal lemon and current notes. 
Nope. Cannot taste leh but it’s still quite decent and it does give a smooth finish. 

Let’s see when I brew it… Heehee #conallegro #Starbucks