Pandan Juice… Very green

See the dark green bottle? 

This is the essence of the essence of panda juice.

Potent. 😱

the very essence of panda juice
see the difference
Left them in the fridge and wait for the essence to settle down…. 


big container contains top part of pandan juice for agar agar later

This is the only thing that I don’t like to do every year. Need to do this in advance because you need to wait for it to settle down. Also takes a lot of time to blend these pandan leaves…. Don’t know why I take so long, sigh.



2016 CNY Bakes…

In the end, I’ve made the following items:

  1. Open tart – pineapple tarts 
  2. Rose cookies 
  3. Orange Yuzu cookies
  4. Kueh Lapis 7″
  5. Almond Florentine 
  6. Green Tea cookies

I realized that item 1- 4 are from VK recipes @valeriekong that I have attended her classes over the past 2years. She is still teaching and her wonderful recipes are created by her. Usually at Toa Payoh Cc, Carinhill Cc, Pek Kio Cc and the east side Ccs….

Didn’t take pic of the pineapple tarts because we were too busy moulding, baking & packing.

lots of dried rose petals

Rose cookie
almond florentine
green tea cookie ~ dough
 To be honest, this green tea dough is still in the freezer 😝

I am too tired to bake. Probably doing it this weekend…. Wondering about the taste since this is the first time making it lol…

Until next time! 


2015 X’mas Bakes ~ Reality 

Yeah I am backdating this post because after all my bakes, packaging and giving out, I comatose and recuperate for at least a couple of weeks and unwilling to do anything but play iPad games, eat, sleep and catch up with reality and work (mostly in this is the no. 1 case) .

With my previous post on the plan for Christmas bakes list, I realized that I don’t have much time ~ yeah procrastinating is really one of my bad habit, I only managed to bake some of my list. Overall, quite happy with my bakes this year, especially the shortbread from Valerie Kong. Can’t post her recipes as she is still teaching ( pls visit to and search baking, Valerie is usually at the east side of community centers and TPY CC, Pek Kio CC)

Shortbread ~ has the oomph of lots of orange zests and orange essence and of course, the golden churn canned butter… Buttery and orangy. 

My usual checkerboard cookies are from Eugenie’s Kitchen ~ I used cocoa powder for brown, vanilla paste for yellow – paste because you can see all the small little dots of vanilla and the smell is super wonderful, green tea powder for green and strawberry paste for the “dirty pink”. No food coloring was added. 

I even made butter cakes this year!!!

For those who received my bakes, hope you like it. Else, next year won’t be in my gifting list hehe….😜   

Almond Butter Cookie
Decoorated Cookies
Decorated Cookies

Decorated Gingerbread Cookies
Vanilla Sugar Cookies ~ chewy center
VK’s shortbread ~ Orange zest & Orange essence
Eugenie’s kitchen checkerboard cookies
2015 X’mas Packaging

Lemon Butter Cake
Cakes packaging

2015 CNY Bakes

This year, I wanted to bake more types of cookies but alas, it is just not meant to be.

Made Pineapple Tarts, Cornflakes cups with raisins, cranberries and almond nuts, Rose cookies and Yuzu cookies.

I still have Cranberry + Hazelnut Cookies

Still frozen in the refrigerator.  No idea when I will bake them.

Bought at least 3 x dozen of eggs and planned to make Kueh Lapis but my body just couldn’t make it and fell sick on the day I took leave before CNY. Eve of CNY, I have to watch other family members enjoying the food whilst I can only managed to eat some. This is due to my overindulgence of hard abalones. Lesson learnt.

Enough yapping of self-pity.

For those who didn’t get my cookies this year, I am sorry.

Please remind me in 2016, to be the first 10 pax to receive them.

Recap of my bakes….

Left ~ Rose Tea Cookies , Right ~ Yuzu + Almond Nuts Cookies
Left ~ Rose Tea Cookies , Right ~ Yuzu + Almond Nuts Cookies
OpenTart Pineapple Tarts Before Baking
OpenTart Pineapple Tarts Before Baking
OpenTart Pineapple Tarts ~ Baked
OpenTart Pineapple Tarts ~ Baked
CornFlakes Cups
CornFlakes Cups

2014 Christmas Cookies

Date: 27-01-15

Just realized that I have this post “sitting” in my draft box since Xmas Eve! Think I forgot to press “POST” …

Too tired to move.
By the time I finished the moulding, the baking and the packaging, it’s already Christmas Eve.

Here is a recap what I baked and gift away….

Disclaimer: Decorations were done together with by my Baking Kakis. However, the doughs are made by me Hee Hee