Vanilla cupcakes

It’s been awhile that I made cupcakes, maybe a couple years.

I have eggs in the refrigerator that I need to use soon. So, decided to make some cupcakes to brush up on my skills.

100g cake flour – sifted

75g fine/caster sugar

4 eggs – room temp.

100g unsalted butter – melted over hot water

1 Tbsp good quality vanilla paste

Preheat oven 170 degree c. Small size cupcake holders.

Beat Eggs, sugar and vanilla essence to fluffy, till pale, double in volume in texture.

Sift in cake flour in 3 batches, hand fold-in method.

When sift in last batch of cake flour, before folding in, pour all the still warm, melted butter at once, and fold in till shiny. Use hand whisk to fold in. Do not over fold. Once you see the batter is all incorporated, stop.

Scoop to into cupcakes holder.

Bake in 170 degree 15-20 mins.

Watch once it sink back and slightly brown on top, then check if it bounce back and no sound when pressed.

* Check your cupcakes from your window panel of the oven after 15 mins of the baking time.

* Do not open oven door before it sinks back and slightly brown else the cupcakes will sink in.


Ham and Cheese Loaf ~using breadmaker

After last month’s data burst, I’ve to keep monitoring my data usage and only uploads when there is wifi. 😓

Did two attempts using my Pano breadmaker to do a Ham & Cheese Loaf and my 2nd attempt looks much better. Still need improvement but it looks and taste ok.

1st attempt ~ whole loaf
Cross-sectional ~ all the ham “floats” up
Using the P104 model ~ this is the basic model, mode 8 for pineapple bread, the breadmaker allows you only about 10mins of window time to divide to 12 pcs, roll flat, roll up the ham and put them all back into the tin. Not forgetting taking the blade out and clean out any reside dough and flour bits to ensure to load looks “clean” when you take it out.

Honestly, that’s not enough time! 
It automatically starts back to rise the bread even if you haven’t put all the dough back inside and you cannot press stop. Talk about being stress…

Armed with 1st attempt experience, I decided to attempt 2nd time tonight ana voila! The ham and cheese looks much more evenly spread. 

2nd attempt loaf looks better!
more evenly spread ham & cheese but need to focus on rolling more tightly
2nd attempt,  I am much prepared. 

Anyway, instruction guide and recipe from Panasonic breadmaker recipe book. 😜

WK16 Bread Experiment ~ Coffee Bread using Panasonic Breadmaker

Decided to do an experiment after seeing a post on Fb group & link to a fellow member’s blog:

As I am using Panasonic Breadmaker, method will have to be slightly different since everything must be cold. I tested it as follows:

Coffee Bread – Soft bread dough method basic elements from Panasonic recipe book


2 sachets of 3-in 1 coffee ( I used reduced sugar Gold Roast~ or whatever you have at home, reduced sugar is best as I did not reduce sugar from the basic recipe)

90ml hot water


250g bread flour
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp salt
15g butter (cold)
100ml milk ( Meiji low fat cold milk)
1tsp instant yeast ( straight from fridge)

Mix A together until the coffee powder are dissolved in the hot water. Leave to cool and fridge at least 2 hrs before you start your bread making. Basically, as the mixture turns as cold as the milk – you are start your bread making. 

    cold coffee mixture measured 90ml
    top up with cold meiji milk to 190ml in total for liquid
    before liquid is added

    Place your bread tin ( don’t forget to insert the blade! ) on the weighing scale, click TARE function to set back to 0. Add in sequence : FLOUR , SALT(dig a hole and pour salt & buried ), HONEY, BUTTER.  

    add liquid last
    Add the coffee liquid in circular motion around the tin. Final weight should be around 500+++g.

    Put the tin into the breadmaker, press Method 3 for soft bread. It will take 4hrs 20mins. You will see the the time it is done on the screen when you press the Method No. I chose Light Crust and No additional items added. Press Start!

    Cover and open the lid that holds the yeast compartment, add 1tsp instant yeast. Cover lid and wait for the final beep time.

    Instant yeast, coffee liquid and milk ( coffee mixture) & butter are all straight from the fridge. No thawing is required. 

    soft coffee bread

    Verdict : Bread is super soft since we chose 4hr plus to let the bread rise. Coffee is only a tint of presence. Likely not enough coffee. However, it still tastes good. Will add more instant coffee next round.

    After Note:
    I am using Panasonic SD-P104. There is an updated model stated in Panasonic Singapore which allows you to bake a 500g or 700g loaf choice. Else, I think this breadmaker is good enough. Watch out for sales to get this older model especially at Isetan Private Sale. It is slightly less than S$300 during special sale time.

    Reason why I choose Panasonic ( not sponsored!) because all are added straight from the fridge. No thawing is required. Simple! Commercial reasons e.g yeast compartment is seperated and only added at the correct timing, nah…. As long as you don’t mix salt and yeast at the same place, still ok. But most other brands doesn’t allow you to use milk/ water/ butter straight from the fridge and into the breadmaker. This is the most simple, no brainer to use. 

    Other liquids eg soya milk ( will be slightly shorter bread but still yummy) , Yakult/Vitagen ( a bit sourish ) , milk powder & cold water ( original recipe book) can be used. All straight from fridge. I don’t have ice water in fridge at all times so milk or soya milk is the best with added flavor. Always choose reduced sugar for flavored liquids. 

      Wk16 A Bake A Week ~ Banana Cake

      What shall we bake ? A Bake A Week ~ WK16 ~ Banana Cake | Richard Goh’s Method.

      Last week, Wk15, I baked a banana cake BUT because I ran out of bananas, only had 200g and no banana paste, accidentally measured the flour with 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda instead of half of it, I decided to still go ahead with the full recipe. ALAS! There wasn’t much banana smell. I added much vanilla paste and extract, hoping to compensate it. Just wasn’t the same.


      WK14 Baked Banana Cake
      looks good just not enough banana smell
      WK14 Banana Cake

      It looks good, taste fluffy. Just not buttery , not banana banana smells and taste. Sigh. Since I am going to do again this week, decided not to post first. 

       Bought 6 bananas on Monday to make the cake.

      Today,  my bananas went too ripe. Decided today is the day to make it! 


      Banana Cake in the oven
      Cooling the cake ~ super bananas smell
      This time, I had enough bananas and bought banana paste from Sunlik. The result is super banana fragrant smell! Cooling now. Tomorrow, I will cut and post the photos on my Instagram and Twitter. Follow me in my experiental journey in photos 😝

      Original recipe from Richard Goh who teaches in CC. Post here for my reference because it’s not easy to use the hand folding in technique. Not spatual nor hand whisk. For about S$80-90 8 lessons, that’s only 10bucks per lesson to learn 2 recipes and bring 2 huge slices of cakes, I urge you to learn from Richard Goh who teaches in various community centers in Singapore. He also teaches decorating classes which learns the cutting the shapes techniques. 

      My version on Richard Goh’s Banana Cake

      1. 400g bananas mashed
      2. 1 tsp banana paste ( from the fridge @ Sun Lik)
      3. 1 tsp Vanilla extract 
      4. 5 eggs ( 60-63g with shell)
      5. 200g caster sugar
      6. 300g cake/top flour (prima)
      7. 1/2 tsp baking soda
      8. 1 tsp baking powder (double action from PH)
      9. 200g butter ( I used salted, if unsalted is used, add a pinch of salt) ~ melted over a bowl of hot water ~ golden churn brand

      Preheat oven 160 degree C, top bottom heat.

      Grease 9″square aluminum tin, line with baking paper- bottom and sides.

      (A)Put items 1-3 in a bowl, mash and mix up. 
      Put items 4 &5 with A into the electric mixing bowl, high speed, whisk attachment, whisk 10-11 mins or until it becomes very thick. It should have a thick consistency and drips slowly down from the whisk. Handheld beater will be slightly longer. I took 12-13 mins, maybe due to my bananas were slightly more than 400g.

      Sift twice items 6-8 , make sure melted butter is warm to touch ( on the bowl). 

      Using hand folding technique, pour 3x sifted flour mixture into the beaten batter. After pouring  the last flour mixture, pour the warm melted butter all in , and hand folding quickly till batter is shiny, no flour traces. Here, the batter will deflated to about 2/3 size. Becareful not to OVERFOLD! 

      Pour into the prepared tin. The last remaining batter at the bottom, if oily, DO NOT POUR in the tin. Waste it. Else the center will sink slightly and oily.  Bake @ 160 degree C for 40-50mins. 

      Note: My cake took about 60mins. After 30mins in the baking, I reduce to 150 degree C. At 50mins, I use the black tray to shield on top of cake as the cake gets darker and darker on top. Press lightly on cake and if bounce back and the sides leave the tin, it’s ready! 

      Invert to cooling rack, peel off the paper and cover back the cake with that paper and continue to cool. This allows the cake to cool and still stays moist. Remember, don’t use fan to cool your cake, else your cake will be drier.

      Enjoy with a nice cuppa tea or coffee! 

      Week 14 Bake ~ Mini Lemon Cheesecake

      A Bake A Week starts this weekend since 1st April is on Friday.

      This week’s bake is mini lemon cheesecake. Original recipe from Eugenie Kitchen’s mini cheesecake ~

      I wanted to make other cheesecake but alas, don’t have Korean strawberries at Giant Sat morning and I need to go out so by the time I go back home at 10pm, I checked my fridge and found I have all the ingredients stated on Eugenie Kitchen blog, so I decided to make this instead.

      The changes I made are as follows:

      Sugar reduced to 110g

      Added Zest of 1 lemon and lime, 1tsp lemon essence 1 Tbsp vanilla essence. Cowhead brand cheese block of 227g, all in.

      Mini Lemon Cheesecake


      Not too shabbgy, eh?
      After a night chilling in the fridge, even though it doesn’t look very nice, sigh, the taste is ok. Just a little sweet. Either I increase the tartness or reduce sugar. Will do again.

      Well, these will be going to my colleagues on Monday 😜 

      Honey Milk Bread
      Ending WK14

       with Honey Milk Bread using my Pano Bread maker. Modified recipe @

      Will be my sandwich breakfast for tomorrow 😋, can’t wait!