Sunday Brunch

2018.03.18 Sunday Brunch

Guess I was really very slow in catching up on the latest trend…. Saw on Instagram & Jap books at Kino that there is a thing called – Food style blogging …

Tada! My first attempt. It’s not perfect, I know.

Natural light at my living room, on my IKEA square table. Was having a super late Sunday brunch and decided , why not just take a snapshot and see how it turns out. The effect is still Ok (for my standard anyway)

What I cook in this photo: The omelettes ~

  • Total eggs = 5 whites 3 yolks
  • Milk (half a small pkt of Hokkaido milk)
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Mix all up. Cook in three batches for omelette style. Once pour in, start stirring from the center, then you stop and let the eggs form a pancake like then start fold-in. Once you fold in, flip and another 10-20 seconds , dish up.

Undercook your eggs will ensure it will be fluffy and soft inside. When you dish up your egg omelette, it will “continue to cook” with the remaining heat so it’s ok to undercook it.

Bought a jar of Toraya Cafe Red Bean Paste and it’s really smooth! Not so sweet. Perfect to go with my bread – just like anpan bread. Yummy!

I have fun doing this post. Ciao!


So what happen in 2016- 2017?

So much stuff has been happening in 2017. The last time i blog was my data went burst. After that, I monitored my data and didn’t blog anymore. Well, that doesn’t mean i didn’t bake anything…

I did, but I was too busy to upload photos.

So, what happened in 2017?

  1. I moved house – yup, literally my entire stuff moved out from my parents place to a new place. Imagine, this, all my cookbooks, baking books, cross-stitch books, beading books, romance story books, bake pans, bowls, baking instruments, 1 oven, 2 kenwood machines, clothes, shoes… the list goes on.. By the time I move out, unpack, it’s 2018. Haha
  2. I got married – yeah, it comes with the house entitlement.

Well, I hope I can blog more and perhaps now, I can share some recipes on this blog in the near future. Nevertheless, doubt anyone reads on my blog but just to say something since it is always in the beginning of each year that I have a new resolution for myself – to blog more.  Let’s see how long can I last again in 2018.



Data burst again ! 

Sigh…. My data burst again. And this time, both my iPad and iPhone datas burst. How did I burst 2x 5Gb data is beyond my comprehension too. 😱😭

Anyway, I will be monitoring and only able to upload when I have wifi… Non-spontaneous uploads. 

1 word.


It’s been a while….

It’s been awhile I posted something here. For awhile I lost my momentum. It’s like something inside me just switch it off after my saga class. 

Of course, those who didn’t have that unpleasant experience, start to “bitch” about “what’s so big deal about it”. Naturally, they don’t and won’t understand. Empathized – yes. But understand? Nope till they experience it. This is why when I refer anyone to any baking classes, I now make sure they have a wonderful experience for that one class because of what I have experienced. Service is very important and the feeling of bring left out is not something I wish on anyone else. 

Ham and Cheese Loaf ~using breadmaker

After last month’s data burst, I’ve to keep monitoring my data usage and only uploads when there is wifi. 😓

Did two attempts using my Pano breadmaker to do a Ham & Cheese Loaf and my 2nd attempt looks much better. Still need improvement but it looks and taste ok.

1st attempt ~ whole loaf
Cross-sectional ~ all the ham “floats” up
Using the P104 model ~ this is the basic model, mode 8 for pineapple bread, the breadmaker allows you only about 10mins of window time to divide to 12 pcs, roll flat, roll up the ham and put them all back into the tin. Not forgetting taking the blade out and clean out any reside dough and flour bits to ensure to load looks “clean” when you take it out.

Honestly, that’s not enough time! 
It automatically starts back to rise the bread even if you haven’t put all the dough back inside and you cannot press stop. Talk about being stress…

Armed with 1st attempt experience, I decided to attempt 2nd time tonight ana voila! The ham and cheese looks much more evenly spread. 

2nd attempt loaf looks better!
more evenly spread ham & cheese but need to focus on rolling more tightly
2nd attempt,  I am much prepared. 

Anyway, instruction guide and recipe from Panasonic breadmaker recipe book. 😜