Me? Moi? 저는…

Each year or so, I would update this profile page.
To set goals for myself… and so I hope 🙂

2018 ~ 
Moved house, got married.
New kitchen. Still tidying up with my kitchen, my bookshelves and display cabinet.
Repaired my rowenta oven and kenwood mixer. So, hopefully I post more stuff this year.

New Goal in Q2 2016 ~ A Bake A Week
Basically, introducing a new goal for myself.
Baking something once a week. Most likely on Sat mornings.
Pray for sustainability.

2016 Intro:
Still didn’t have the habit of blogging because usually whatever I write goes to draft and stayed in the draft till I have to backdate it. Oops!
Usually after bake, snap a photo and upload to instagram instead.

Will make an effort(see! No promises again) to write my adaptions for future reference.
Of course, if I learn from the teachers, will only reference because they are still teaching for a living.
Please understand.

5 years ago intro:
Nothing much to say except :
Love to eat
Love to sleep
Love to bake
Love to beading
~ hope will love blogging soon…


I do not sign with and am not affiliated with any blog advertising community. Opinions posted are personal.

I purchase the books and classes that I attend and put in effort to write and take the photos. If you / your company would like to re-post any of the food photos / blogs, please contact me at conamoursempre[at] to ask before doing so.


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