Emotional Sat AM 

Never thought I would post this in my entire life. Posting so when I look back, I remember and be careful. 

This is what I posted on my FB and Twitter and The Providore Fb page but doubt any good will happen. 

😭😡Cannot believe this! What a good Sat morning! I took a cab and came very early. They don’t have my name, question if I have paid. I show them the confirmation paid slip.

Surprise, Surprise! I am told I have to leave the class. Nothing is prepared for me. They can’t do anything to gather some materials. It was 10:15am, 15 mins before class starts. 

Just tell me they rearrange again in June ! or refund me the monies. What about my emotional status? It’s not the recipes that I go for. It’s the whole package ~ the service, the experience, the teacher and the recipe.

Ya I know , I shouldn’t have go in the first place… It’s all my fault. Better go for VK classes or D&S classes. At least they listen and try to do something on the spot rather than tell you they discuss again and let me know by tomorrow (Sunday) … Seriously doubting right now their capabilities even though such a big company.

Probably nobody reads this because I am not famous but doesn’t mean not being famous cannot air my frustration and suffer silently, correct? First time in my entire life after attending so many baking classes. 

Let’s see what they say tomorrow. I will post to remind myself of this unfortunate day. It’s not miscommunication. Not everything can be wipe off using miscommunication as an excuse. 

I know, I know! What’s so big deal … Well, when this happens to you, let me know how you feel about it. 

BUT I must say this, it’s not the Teacher’s fault. So long see her, still so pretty! 

Sigh …. Go home and hug my pillow now.

Posting on the spot outside the class & felt like crying….   


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