Wk16 A Bake A Week ~ Banana Cake

What shall we bake ? A Bake A Week ~ WK16 ~ Banana Cake | Richard Goh’s Method.

Last week, Wk15, I baked a banana cake BUT because I ran out of bananas, only had 200g and no banana paste, accidentally measured the flour with 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda instead of half of it, I decided to still go ahead with the full recipe. ALAS! There wasn’t much banana smell. I added much vanilla paste and extract, hoping to compensate it. Just wasn’t the same.


WK14 Baked Banana Cake
looks good just not enough banana smell
WK14 Banana Cake

It looks good, taste fluffy. Just not buttery , not banana banana smells and taste. Sigh. Since I am going to do again this week, decided not to post first. 

 Bought 6 bananas on Monday to make the cake.

Today,  my bananas went too ripe. Decided today is the day to make it! 


Banana Cake in the oven
Cooling the cake ~ super bananas smell
This time, I had enough bananas and bought banana paste from Sunlik. The result is super banana fragrant smell! Cooling now. Tomorrow, I will cut and post the photos on my Instagram and Twitter. Follow me in my experiental journey in photos 😝

Original recipe from Richard Goh who teaches in CC. Post here for my reference because it’s not easy to use the hand folding in technique. Not spatual nor hand whisk. For about S$80-90 8 lessons, that’s only 10bucks per lesson to learn 2 recipes and bring 2 huge slices of cakes, I urge you to learn from Richard Goh who teaches in various community centers in Singapore. He also teaches decorating classes which learns the cutting the shapes techniques. 

My version on Richard Goh’s Banana Cake

  1. 400g bananas mashed
  2. 1 tsp banana paste ( from the fridge @ Sun Lik)
  3. 1 tsp Vanilla extract 
  4. 5 eggs ( 60-63g with shell)
  5. 200g caster sugar
  6. 300g cake/top flour (prima)
  7. 1/2 tsp baking soda
  8. 1 tsp baking powder (double action from PH)
  9. 200g butter ( I used salted, if unsalted is used, add a pinch of salt) ~ melted over a bowl of hot water ~ golden churn brand

Preheat oven 160 degree C, top bottom heat.

Grease 9″square aluminum tin, line with baking paper- bottom and sides.

(A)Put items 1-3 in a bowl, mash and mix up. 
Put items 4 &5 with A into the electric mixing bowl, high speed, whisk attachment, whisk 10-11 mins or until it becomes very thick. It should have a thick consistency and drips slowly down from the whisk. Handheld beater will be slightly longer. I took 12-13 mins, maybe due to my bananas were slightly more than 400g.

Sift twice items 6-8 , make sure melted butter is warm to touch ( on the bowl). 

Using hand folding technique, pour 3x sifted flour mixture into the beaten batter. After pouring  the last flour mixture, pour the warm melted butter all in , and hand folding quickly till batter is shiny, no flour traces. Here, the batter will deflated to about 2/3 size. Becareful not to OVERFOLD! 

Pour into the prepared tin. The last remaining batter at the bottom, if oily, DO NOT POUR in the tin. Waste it. Else the center will sink slightly and oily.  Bake @ 160 degree C for 40-50mins. 

Note: My cake took about 60mins. After 30mins in the baking, I reduce to 150 degree C. At 50mins, I use the black tray to shield on top of cake as the cake gets darker and darker on top. Press lightly on cake and if bounce back and the sides leave the tin, it’s ready! 

Invert to cooling rack, peel off the paper and cover back the cake with that paper and continue to cool. This allows the cake to cool and still stays moist. Remember, don’t use fan to cool your cake, else your cake will be drier.

Enjoy with a nice cuppa tea or coffee! 


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