Week 14 Bake ~ Mini Lemon Cheesecake

A Bake A Week starts this weekend since 1st April is on Friday.

This week’s bake is mini lemon cheesecake. Original recipe from Eugenie Kitchen’s mini cheesecake ~http://eugeniekitchen.com/mini-cheesecake/

I wanted to make other cheesecake but alas, don’t have Korean strawberries at Giant Sat morning and I need to go out so by the time I go back home at 10pm, I checked my fridge and found I have all the ingredients stated on Eugenie Kitchen blog, so I decided to make this instead.

The changes I made are as follows:

Sugar reduced to 110g

Added Zest of 1 lemon and lime, 1tsp lemon essence 1 Tbsp vanilla essence. Cowhead brand cheese block of 227g, all in.

Mini Lemon Cheesecake


Not too shabbgy, eh?
After a night chilling in the fridge, even though it doesn’t look very nice, sigh, the taste is ok. Just a little sweet. Either I increase the tartness or reduce sugar. Will do again.

Well, these will be going to my colleagues on Monday 😜 

Honey Milk Bread
Ending WK14

 with Honey Milk Bread using my Pano Bread maker. Modified recipe @ https://conallegro.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/bread-bread-bread-panasonic-breadmaker/

Will be my sandwich breakfast for tomorrow 😋, can’t wait! 


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