New Goals ~ Maybe

Sudden thought when I woke up this morning. Ok, I am still sick BUT a thought has come along. YUP. New goal.

With so many baking books and cookbooks and attended so many bake classes AND Panda and some friends nagging constantly about my hogging of items and not baking or recreating them.

An idea came up! 🌟

How about A Bake A Week? Since I am only actually free on Sat morning ~ ya, got myself pretty busy all the time, and instead of procastinating due to various reasons (need sleep, got class that I signed up already, choir, office work etc) why not just start it and see where it leads me.

The realization: I have so many things I want to learn, so little time and if I don’t recreate it, what’s the use of going for classes and buying those fav books…. Ya, some people who reads this post will laugh because they are the ones nagging me.

Anyway, 1 April 2016, every week ( prob usually Sat) I will recreate something from somewhere( books, classes, YouTube videos etc) and post here.

Before I change my mind, I click POST!


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