Once a year affair ~ Pandan Kaya Cake

Yup, last post was the pandan essence. Today made pandan sponge cake then the kaya ~ the real 16 egg yolks kaya. 😅

When I first looked at the recipe during the class, I was shocked. It’s the amount of egg yolks that made me go “ooooo so this is why it taste so good! Eh high cholesterol siah! ” 😱

Anyway, after a battle in the kitchen and relook the recipe several times, I finally put these pandan sponge cakes into the oven to bake. Seriously, it’s been a long time I baked a cake. Really and almost forget how to do it. 

baking the sponge cakes…

Cake is double recipe, kaya is double recipe

Cake recipe didn’t reduce sugar at all. 

Kaya sugar level reduced to 106 g but I added at least 5+ 3 tsp of brown sugar when I taste the Kaya whilst it is thickening at the pot. Agar agar was added with additional 1/2 tsp more so it is much firmer and look and taste more like the real thing. 

 Recipe cannot be shared because this is Valerie Kong’s recipe. She still teach at CC and other schools for her livelihood. Please support to attend her classes. Not very expensive at the CC. But this year, increased price to S$42 because the CC increased their fees with her. She didn’t increase her price. Sigh.

cross sectional
bleeding wordings. this is from the instant cream
Honestly, besides the bleeding wordings, it looks and taste very nice. Not too sweet. 

The icing that pipe the wordings is store bought from cold storage. Never buy that!!!! It’s bleeds! 😱


Haha I still have another cake at home and it looked better. 


Another cake @ home
This looks much better. In general, the taste is there, the look is there. I still find it a little sweet but my parents think it is just right.

Thank God for this success…. Didn’t think I will make it sigh …


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