Orange Butter Cake ~ Adaption of Mrs NgSK’s 

This is probably the last time I buy this type of paper tins from PH. They burnt easily at the edge and it is flimsy to hold before filling the cake dough. I was even worried it may leaked but Thank God, it didn’t. 

To remember better my adaptions, I decided to post my adaption recipe here rather than just refer the original one. Always forget what I amended. This recipe originates from Table for 2… or more by Wendy whose recipe really is super good. 

Of course, you have to also consider the type of butter, individual oven temperature and your eye in creaming the butter and folding the egg whites.

Oven : Rowenta , top & bottom heat, 160 dc, preheat 15mins

Kenwood Chef & Kenwood handheld  

Orange Butter Cake  ~ Double recipe

460gm butter (golden churn tin butter : it is salted), softened but cool

400gm eggs, seperated yolks and whites
(7 egg yolks and 7 whites based on 60g with shell.)

100gm castor sugar (to beat with egg whites) + 300gm castor sugar/ reduced to 200gm (to beat with soften butter)

400gm self raising flour, sifted

120ml milk(Meji low fat)

2 tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp orange blossom water

2 tsp orange paste

2 orange zests, do not grate the white parts

Preheat oven @ 160 degree c top & bottom heat. Rowenta is actually slightly hotter oven. The original recipe is 170 degree c.

1)Using K beater, cream butter to loosen the butter ( in case it’s still hard) at speed 2 , add 200gm sugar and cream at speed 3 ~ medium speed until pale and fluffy. Stop the machine and Scrap the sides a couple times. Do not over cream else the cake will be very oily after baked. 

2)Add vanilla essence, orange blossom water, orange paste, orange zests and beat at speed 2 to just mix well.

3)Add egg yolks one at a time, beat well after each addition. Scrape sides before adding last egg yolk and beat to just combine well.

4)Sift in half of 400gm flour and use the machine to mix at low speed to just combine.

5)Pour in half portion milk, combine well & add the rest of the milk and combine well.
*You don’t want to pour all the milk at once else the batter is too soggy and batter may seperate. If the batter doesn’t mix well, stop the machine and use spatula to hand mix until just combine.
6)Sift in the remaining flour to just mix well using machine. Use low speed then increase to speed 1 for a few seconds to just mix well. Scrape sides & use hand spatula to just combine. Be careful not to overmix.

1)Use handheld mixer, pour egg whites in a clean bowl and beat at medium speed till it looks like facial foam. Add 100gm sugar in increments of 3x. Beat till stiff peaks.

Combine B into A:
1)Put half stiffed egg whites into butter mixture and let mixer, speed low, mix just combine.
2)Fold in the rest of stiffed egg whites by hand spatula, gently, but surely until the whole batter is harmogenously combined. Do not overmix else the egg whites inside will deflate.

Pour equally into your desired tins. Make sure only slightly above 1/2 of tin is filled. Level gently.

Bake at 160-170 degrees c. Start timer at 30 mins and check. If the cake is still rising, its not ready yet. If the top is getting dark, reduce to 150 degees c. Once the cake stop rising and falls back a little, it means you can test the cake. Insert skewer to check batter has dried and gently press the top. If you don’t hear any sound(egg white bubbles are gone) and cake top spring back when pressed(gently!), you can take the cake out to cool.  

My cake was a little charred at the sides. Took me 50mins in total. Probably due to the thickness of the cake ~ double recipes.

Orange Butter Cake

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