2016 CNY Bakes…

In the end, I’ve made the following items:

  1. Open tart – pineapple tarts 
  2. Rose cookies 
  3. Orange Yuzu cookies
  4. Kueh Lapis 7″
  5. Almond Florentine 
  6. Green Tea cookies

I realized that item 1- 4 are from VK recipes @valeriekong that I have attended her classes over the past 2years. She is still teaching and her wonderful recipes are created by her. Usually at Toa Payoh Cc, Carinhill Cc, Pek Kio Cc and the east side Ccs….

Didn’t take pic of the pineapple tarts because we were too busy moulding, baking & packing.

lots of dried rose petals

Rose cookie
almond florentine
green tea cookie ~ dough
 To be honest, this green tea dough is still in the freezer 😝

I am too tired to bake. Probably doing it this weekend…. Wondering about the taste since this is the first time making it lol…

Until next time! 



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