bread, Bread, BREAD… Panasonic Breadmaker

Post backdated bread that I have done using my panasonic breadmaker SP104.

My first use of breadmaker ~ 2015-06-07.

After receiving my X’mas 2014 present from my Panda, the box stayed closed and looking at me everyday for 6 months before I decided to do something about it! LOL.

ready to see my bread in 1 min!
Rest in the pan outside machine for 2 mins
its bottom

Like all first tries, I made mistakes lah….

I weighted all items including liquids as usual for my baking. BUT, it turn out to have a rough top. I google WHY and search in FB, bread making kakis, and found, we must use their given measuring cup and spoon to ensure nice top. Liquid must be measured not weighted. Oops!

Though an ugly top, inside is still soft and yummy. A little dense though and I think its my measurement problem. Anyway, I took this recipe from Domestic Goddess Wannabe who did the review for this Pano SP104.

Anyway, I decided to try again.

Waiting….. still has 50 mins more….
Ooooo nice top! Think I got it right ?
ok,its a little skew towards a left nut hey! i got a nice top!
see all the pocket holes! soft soft soft ah …

Tada! Soft and chewy  with nice smooth round top!

Ok, this recipe is from Zonna Ong via the SHC Fb. I found that she took the recipe from the Panasonic  Bread maker recipe book and edited some elements.

Honey Milk Bread ~ Pano Style

280g Bread Flour

2 Tbsp Honey

1 tsp salt

10g Cold Butter

210ml Cold Low Fat Milk ( Meji)

1 1/2 tsp Instant Yeast


Put all ingredients except yeast into the bread bowl – after inserting the blade first! Ingredients input sequence from the top down. Put the bread bowl into the Panasonic bread maker. Cover the lid, open the lid to the yeast compartment, put in the 1 1/2 tsp instant yeast.

Press Menu 2 for Rapid Bread ~ 2hrs.

The results is super soft fresh bread that is slightly sweet because of the goodness of the honey. With only 10g of butter which is only about 1/4 or less size of your index finger, it is not oily, no preservative, calcium filled bread. In my point of view, taste even better than what you buy from the bakery.

This bread can be put outside for up to three days ( day 1 is the day that you bake it). After that, just wrap it in zip lock and fridge for another two days. Use a serrated knife to cut your loaf.

Helpful Notes:

1) Before measuring honey, coat your spoon with a slash of cooking oil ( any kind, i use olive oil because that’s what I have at home),

Swirl it to make sure you have coated your Tb-spoon all around and pour back to your oil bottle.

Pour your honey onto you spoon ( i buy the bottle squeeze kind else your honey will be oily if you dig into a jar of honey instead)

You will find when you pour out your honey from the Tbsp into the bread pan, all drops and traces of honey slip out easily.

2) Due to the hot weather in Singapore, to ensure your yeast don’t get killed by heat ( even those unopened ones , as soon as you get home from the supermarket, put the whole box of yeast into the refrigerator.

Any sachets of opened packages, simply seal it with rubber band and fridge it.

The yeast will be “awaken” without any problem,  when using it.

3)  Remember to take out your bread pan of ready fresh bread once the machine beeps it’s done, wait for 2 min then un-mold it. This is to prevent from shrinkage and water vapors form at the bottom of the bread and bread becomes wet. This bread keep even shorter time outside.


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