Pandan Kaya Cake ~ e 8 YOLKS : 2015 Version

Clarification : This cake is a yearly thing for me to bake for my Panda, even though I procrastinating all the time due the amount of work it needs. As always, my Panda doesn’t insist on this cake but I do feel guilty as this is the only time he gets to eat this cake that I make… Sigh. What to do…

I cannot stressed this particular ingredient : the 8 yolks in such a small amount of Kaya when I finish making it today. Didn’t take a photo of it due to hygiene and I was busy trying to assemble the cake before my kaya hardens.

Anyway the amount of Kaya was meant for an 8″ cake, was only enough for my 7″ when I assembled it. Slightly not enough coating on one of the sides – perhaps I should bang more on the cake tin to ensure the kaya flows to the side.

However, this cake yields a softer and fluffier sponge. Probably due to the egg yolks and whites where separately beaten before combined.

Pandan Sponge Cake – I will definitely make again sometime this year!

Maybe with fresh cream ~ just like some cake shop u

Pandan Kaya Cake
Happy Birthday, my Panda…
Cross-sectional Pandan Kaya Cake
Looks not too shabby, eh?
Panda's Slice....
Panda’s Slice….

This recipe is totally from Valerie Kong which I am unable to share. Please attend her classes at the CC. It only costs SGD35 to attend any of her class which consist of two recipes. Also, by attending, it doesn’t mean you definitely will make a successful cake during your first few tries. Need to practise.

This cake , don’t want lah… Once a year, I oredi CMI leh.


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