Feeling Down…

Sometime one do wonder …
That at times you started thinking if others thinks I am just “attention seeking” or just want praises from others, person, result from baking and giving out baked gifts.

Or helping others in Choir. Thinking I am just bring “show-off” and why can’t I just be low-key. Others who thinks I simply too noisy and nosy.

Sad to say that.
But I love baking and I love to share with others my love of baked goods.

If the people I shared with don’t want it, rejected once, I will never bother to share with them anymore. Why waste my time with these people. I rather spend my monies and time with someone who is truly appreciates me.

Ok… Enough of “Me Time Talk”

I now left only 10-15 days to bake.
Seriously not enough time sigh.

Perhaps cut back on the type of cookies and number of people I have listed for my 2014 year-end baked goodies?!


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