Tokyu Hands is finally in Singapore!

Yup, it’s finally in Singapore! Saw the posters and big green stickers on the pillars along the Westgate and outside from Jurong East MRT. Talk about maximized exposure!

Well, it’s at the same level and diagonally opposite from Tim Ho Wan, #01-36/37.

Check out their website:

I didn’t get to visit their stores whilst in Japan and now finally able to see what it’s all about in Singapore. Of course, the range is not as much as what is offered in Japan but I am still pleased to see quite a number of stuff I can get there.

Recently, slim pound cake mould is popular in Japan and guess what? I found something slim and rectangular as well from KAI bakeware in Tokyu Hands. Cost is Sgd 26.00 , I think. Left only two so I bought one home. They also have square 18cm, 15cm bake moulds and all are with removable base, non-stick surface.

Do check their store out and you may find a lot of unique buys.

Hm…. I remember seeing a pizza pan which you can use it over the stove. Going back to check it out and probably take more photos…


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