Bread-Making is Patience in the Making… Tough work


2014-08-10 Input:
Decide to add more here ☺️
love Love LOVE my Kenwood Mixer Chef KM030
Why? Because it has timer.
Between Chef KM030 and Major KM040, initially, I thought I regretted not buying a bigger one but now I am glad I didn’t.

Why? The fact that this KM030 is enough to make two cakes 8″, 7″ to fit into my oven is more than adequate. KM040 is really more for those who are in the cake making business who needs bigger bowl. Of course, my next acquisition probably will be the whisk attachment that you can buy which fits into both KM030 and KM040. The whisk can whisk faster compared to the whisk that comes with KM030.

Remember, anything less than 4eggs for sponge cake, use handheld mixer else waste electricity since this KM030 has 1400W.

For bread-making, use this machine! Why?
This machine beats effortlessly for 30mins with only a slight warm feel on the motor,speed 2,hook attachment. I think it is due to its bigger wattage and motor. With the timer, once you are confident, set the timer and you can do other things like washing up and preheat oven and go back to check the timer and then check your dough. It helps you to manage your time in the kitchen.

Another thing to note. If you always drop things, which chances is pretty high for me, pls buy attachments that is stainless steel. If it’s enamel, I was warned by the sales person, it may crack. You will have to buy a new attachment. Of course, I still drool after Kitchenaid colors. Probably save up to buy the Kitchenaid KSM160 in red or grey. It’s paddle/k-beater and dough hook are stainless steel.

NOTE: This is not an advertisement. I just want to share my experiences. Just happy that I saved up to buy this machine after thinking and searching for its info for almost 3 years. Lol
Look out for year-end and festive sales in department store as their discounts are more.


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