Madeleine ~ 1st Try

To say that I was happy that my Madeleine have “humps” was mildly describe the happiness and relieved that MY MADELEINE have indeed risen to the correct hump size.
After it was baked and cooled, it was already 10pm on Sunday.

Actual taste test were done on Monday 12 May morning 6 am with my mom woke me up, telling me, my Madeleine is dry.

Yes. Plain old Dry.
Didn’t understand why nor which one as I had 3 batches of different dough, I woke up to “investigate”.

Taste and Look Test
20140516-010641.jpg     20140516-010709.jpg


Batch 1:

The first batch which uses the recipe that I attended the hands-on class was OK.

Taste : Moist, Orangery. Slight bitterness , probably due the 3 oranges zests into the small batter.

After a couple days, it is still moist but it becomes darker in color. Still edible.

Batch 2:

The 2nd batch was expected to be drier because I over-fold the batter. Felt that dusted flour on the pan was tasted on this batch compared to Batch 1.

When it was just taken out from the oven, it was crispy and fresh. Once cooled to the next Morning, it becomes harder. More starchy.

Batch 3:

This 3rd batch was supposed to be just right folding using the same recipe as the one from Batch 2.

It is slightly lesser hard than Batch 2.

The recipe is from Dorie Greenspan:  Classic Madeleine from Paris Sweets Book. I found the exact recipe from her website:



The one thing that I would add in Dorie’s recipe is liquid. The Madeleine is only moist when it was baked out.

Or maybe I should try again…

I will not post the recipe in Batch 1 because it is not mine to post. However, once I master it, I will post the amended based on my creation.




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