Baked Lemon Mini Cheesecake + Truffles Chocky

For 2014 Poly Lunar New Year Gathering, I’ve found a recipe which doesn’t need too much baking time and they come as minis which is perfect for the gathering. Also, from the same source, I found something to also celebrate V day….

Baked Mini Lemon Cheesecake
Recipe~ Eugenie Kitchen

I added lemon zest and at least 2 Tbsp lemon juice instead of 1 Tbsp as stated in Eugenie’s recipe. Result is lemony but not really sour. Refreshing!
Best of all, it only takes 20mins to bake!

Cute paper cup cases from Phoon Huat…




Chocolate Truffles
Recipe~ Eugenie Kitchen

From Original Recipe ~ I double the portion.

Before adding liqueur, I pour equally to two containers.

Adding one with Bailey’s cream instead of the orange liqueur
-> pour too much ( at least 1 cup)
Result: Alcohol too strong. Will reduce by half next time I do it.

Without alcohol, feedback is yummy.
Chocolates were coated with roasted almond nibs.

Roasted almond nibs : Roast at 160degree C 10mims.

Icing sugar is not recommended especially in Singapore’s weather as they melted and fused into the chocolate which gives an ugly wet look.




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