Strawberry Shortcake ~ Birthday Cake

My very very first bake of a whole cake. And I chose it to be on the eve of my sister’s birthday. Decided to make a strawberry shortcake based on the successful sponge Swiss Roll method which I made the last time.

However, icing it was really a totally different story… Looks easy but it’s really really hard. At 1am on 19th September, I am start to ice the cake (☆_☆)

First layer20121001-075356.jpg
Icing is pretty grainy even though it is whipped cream. Realized that the cake bits after I had cut the cake was coming off from the cake, into the cream!! 20121001-075424.jpgUsed alphabet presser to get the wordings out on a cookie ~ dough was in the freezer…20121001-075438.jpg20121001-075457.jpgCake looks very nice when its light up with candles. Must be the “glowing” effect Ha Ha20121001-075512.jpg


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