New Toy! Final decision due to space constraint….

My new toy! After the episode of burnt motor of my 12 yrs hand held mixer, I searched for my next mixer and was contemplating between Kitchen Aid or Kenwood Chef Major… Both are about the same price of S$799 from Tangs.

Alas, due to space constraints, I have to temporary abort this purchase idea as I don’t have a place to store the beautiful toy should I decide to purchase it now.

I went ahead to look for small stand mixer just like my hand held but with a stand ( this time I am smarter else I end up holding the machine while pouring eggs one by one – you really need good coordination ).

Couple brands are available in the market and after reading good reviews online, decide to buy Kenwood HM400. Even though it is only 180W , it has 5 speeds and rotating bowl so hopefully it’s not too bad. Bought at Best Denki @ S$79 so the damage is relatively low ( note: only Best Denki IMM sells since its not available on Harvey Norman Bukit Batok and Giant nor Tangs )

Anyway, going to try something this weekend… Will post soon. Just got to find a desired recipe >.<



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