Burnt Cupcakes, Burnt Electric Mixer

Yeah, just wana post that I burnt my cupcakes and my hand held electric mixer was burnt as well. Everything started with my hand held mixer… Smoke came out of it while I was beating my eggs and sugar mixture. In the end , I have to use a small whisk ( this is all I had!) to whisk to a somewhat, maybe, possibility, OK batter.. ( this is not english but gibberish )

Next, I burnt my cupcakes….
The only thing to save is to take the soft part inside and transfer to a new paper cup. Now I await if the chocolate frosting can make the mark to save my cupcakes for V Day tomorrow … 😦

It’s 2:09am on V day and I wonder if these are all worth it….

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!

Won’t be able to make any cakes or cookies until I acquire a electric mixer.
Looking for a new toy – Stand mixer
Perhaps it will free me from doing alot of unnecessary stuff .

Ps: If the chocolate frosting survived to be frosted , recipe will be posted in my next post .

Until then
Gd night and God Blessed!


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