Burnt Cupcake saved by Chocolate Frosting



Ladies and Gentlemen!
The cupcakes are saved! By the chocolate frosting!!!!

Ok I will post the links to the recipes.
Verdict from my colleagues – the frosting is “to die for”! However, the cupcake sponge responses are mixed feelings. Some say too dry, some say just nice, some says passable. I think I saves it by taking the good parts out and transfer to a new paper cup.

Anyway, the ” to die for” chocolate frosting is from Martha Stewart website – Mrs Milman’s Chocolate Frosting
Recipe link :

Note : With reference to the remarks given in this recipes from various bakers, My way was:
1) The pan to melt the chocolates and whipping cream must be metal and big enough to ensure 24 ounce of chocolates and whipping cream doesn’t splash out of the pan and yet small enough to fit into your fridge.

2) I use super super low heat to melt the mixture and stir constantly to ensure the chocolates are melted and ensure the mixture doesn’t burn.
Time in low heat = 35 – 45 mins
Time in medium low heat = 10mins

By the time I increase the heat , I was ” at the end of my patience and strength”

Chocolate used = Phoon Huat dark chocolate couverture = 24 ounce = 680.39 grams

Whipping cream = 4 cups = almost 1 liter ( I pour 1 liter in total else it’s a waste to pour the remaining away ~ result is still good)
* If the whipping cream is taken from the fridge, be sure to leave at room temp at least 45 mins to 1 hour for faster melting of chocolates.

3) Light corn syrup can be omitted.
Original Mrs Milman recipe doesn’t have this item. No effect on end result

4) I only for stir again to leave the mixture to cool down – after 30mins to cool down, move the whole pot into the fridge . Only stir with a chopstick ( yes only 1 stick ) cover and went to bed – 2:30am on 14 Feb

Result: At 6:30am 14 Feb, the chocolate frosting is perfect! I frosted all the cupcakes and sprinkle star sprinkles. Looks very nice!!!

Taste verdict: the frosting is very thick and creamy. Taste like truffles…

For those who want to try to bake the brownie cupcakes, recipe is at:

Of course, I will to bake the cupcakes again. However I think I will make the frosting ahead and freeze it first. Making the cupcakes and frosting in a night is too tiring.

Remaining frosting : freezes it and decide to make chocolate truffle balls on Friday with toasted almond slices with cocoa powder coating or powdered sugar coating. Will post then..



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