Vanilla cupcakes

It’s been awhile that I made cupcakes, maybe a couple years.

I have eggs in the refrigerator that I need to use soon. So, decided to make some cupcakes to brush up on my skills.

100g cake flour – sifted

75g fine/caster sugar

4 eggs – room temp.

100g unsalted butter – melted over hot water

1 Tbsp good quality vanilla paste

Preheat oven 170 degree c. Small size cupcake holders.

Beat Eggs, sugar and vanilla essence to fluffy, till pale, double in volume in texture.

Sift in cake flour in 3 batches, hand fold-in method.

When sift in last batch of cake flour, before folding in, pour all the still warm, melted butter at once, and fold in till shiny. Use hand whisk to fold in. Do not over fold. Once you see the batter is all incorporated, stop.

Scoop to into cupcakes holder.

Bake in 170 degree 15-20 mins.

Watch once it sink back and slightly brown on top, then check if it bounce back and no sound when pressed.

* Check your cupcakes from your window panel of the oven after 15 mins of the baking time.

* Do not open oven door before it sinks back and slightly brown else the cupcakes will sink in.


Steamed ~ Veg anyone ?

2018.04.07 Using the Electric Steamer

Bought the Phillips electric steamer during the last Isetan private sale at $89 with further discount of less 10%, it was a pretty good steal – provided it work. So, when I first want to use this steamer, water was pour in the bottom as instructed.

Guess what ? To my horror, the water leaks from the other side ( the machine area). I relook at the entire instruction manual, and even googled online, I was very sure I didn’t do anything wrong. So, it’s back to the shopping center to get an exchange since it must be done within 7 days of purchase. The salesman couldn’t believe it , yes, I know right ! How could it happen ?!! He did the test ( same way as what I did) and it leaked. He said ” wow, I have sold so many sets, you are really the “lucky” one!” | Rolling my eyes here! Yeah tell me about it ! 🙄

Anyway, we tested the new one on the spot (yes, I don’t want to freak out again at home) and all is good.

Happily I went home and steam my first veg stuff for brekkie. Corn and edamame!

Steam Corn & Edamame ~

  • 2 fresh corn
  • 1 packet of fresh raw edamame from Indonesia
  • Salted Butter
  • Sea salt ( Fleur de Sal)

Pull off all the corn leaves and the corn

Wash the fresh edamame, rub vigorously on the skin to make sure the dirt are washed away. *If using frozen, you can skip this. Frozen edamame from the package are pre-washed and partially cooked before packaging .

Do not defrost the frozen edamame. Just pour into a bowl, salt it and steam.

Sprinkle some salt on the raw edamame because when it cooks , it will be emitted into the skin.

The Phillips electric steamer comes in 3 tiers. Here, I only used two.

Follow the instructions, add water to cover the min. mark , drip tray and all.

Put the corn the bottom tier and the edamame at the upper tier. Choose 15 mins and start steaming ! 15 mins is just perfect timing for the fresh raw edamame.

*If you are using frozen edamame, at 7-9 mins, take out the first tray where edamame is as it is cooked without too mushy. Check by tasting one of the edamame. If you think it is cooked enough ( the pods will be easily pop out, you are able to bite into it, not mushy)

Cooked Edamame – while it is very hot, sprinkle generously on the salt on the edamame, mix well. I use a coriander and flip it

Cooked corn – while it is very hot, apply a good dollop of salted butter on the corn all around and sprinkle salt all around. All will be melted into the corn.


Fresh raw edamame is very delicious. It is must tastier than the frozen ones. If you can get them in your local supermarket, do try them.

I have fun doing this post. Ciao!

Sunday Brunch

2018.03.18 Sunday Brunch

Guess I was really very slow in catching up on the latest trend…. Saw on Instagram & Jap books at Kino that there is a thing called – Food style blogging …

Tada! My first attempt. It’s not perfect, I know.

Natural light at my living room, on my IKEA square table. Was having a super late Sunday brunch and decided , why not just take a snapshot and see how it turns out. The effect is still Ok (for my standard anyway)

What I cook in this photo: The omelettes ~

  • Total eggs = 5 whites 3 yolks
  • Milk (half a small pkt of Hokkaido milk)
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Mix all up. Cook in three batches for omelette style. Once pour in, start stirring from the center, then you stop and let the eggs form a pancake like then start fold-in. Once you fold in, flip and another 10-20 seconds , dish up.

Undercook your eggs will ensure it will be fluffy and soft inside. When you dish up your egg omelette, it will “continue to cook” with the remaining heat so it’s ok to undercook it.

Bought a jar of Toraya Cafe Red Bean Paste and it’s really smooth! Not so sweet. Perfect to go with my bread – just like anpan bread. Yummy!

I have fun doing this post. Ciao!

So what happen in 2016- 2017?

So much stuff has been happening in 2017. The last time i blog was my data went burst. After that, I monitored my data and didn’t blog anymore. Well, that doesn’t mean i didn’t bake anything…

I did, but I was too busy to upload photos.

So, what happened in 2017?

  1. I moved house – yup, literally my entire stuff moved out from my parents place to a new place. Imagine, this, all my cookbooks, baking books, cross-stitch books, beading books, romance story books, bake pans, bowls, baking instruments, 1 oven, 2 kenwood machines, clothes, shoes… the list goes on.. By the time I move out, unpack, it’s 2018. Haha
  2. I got married – yeah, it comes with the house entitlement.

Well, I hope I can blog more and perhaps now, I can share some recipes on this blog in the near future. Nevertheless, doubt anyone reads on my blog but just to say something since it is always in the beginning of each year that I have a new resolution for myself – to blog more.  Let’s see how long can I last again in 2018.



Data burst again ! 

Sigh…. My data burst again. And this time, both my iPad and iPhone datas burst. How did I burst 2x 5Gb data is beyond my comprehension too. 😱😭

Anyway, I will be monitoring and only able to upload when I have wifi… Non-spontaneous uploads. 

1 word.